Personal Coaching

Life is limitless, so why do we put such harsh limitations on ourselves? Build a relationship with a New Heights Coach and learn how to remove those self-imposed barriers and reach new heights in your life.

Through regular sessions we help clients shift their thinking, discover their passions, overcome relationship challenges, gain more confidence, optimize their lives, and discover whole new heights that they didn’t think were possible.

Each coaching relationship begins with a full 6-8 hour Positive Altitude Breakthrough Session (which can be conducted in 2 half-day intensives) before any strategy work commences. This is a critical step as helping you drop your baggage (aka stories, negative emotions and limiting beliefs) before the coaching even starts is game changer for your results.

Ongoing sessions are typically 45-60 minutes in length, and the optimal frequency of these interactions depends on your needs and availability. Sessions can be completed in person (within Metro Vancouver) or over the phone/video conferencing. Through clarity, simplicity, and honesty – you will leave each session with a plan of action and renewed energy.

Let go of your routine aggravations, patterns, and disappointments, and allow your current goals to become stepping-stones to even greater levels of purpose!