Workplace & Group Coaching

New Heights Coaching can help improve communication skills with your team, bring harmony to your workplace, and empower group members to reach new heights in their career and personal lives. Through our focus on strengths-based strategies, we work together to creatively envision new ideas, projects, or processes to foster an empowered team.

Our coaches also provide support to help lower stress in the workplace through tools and trainings such as mindfulness, guided meditation, and emotional intelligence. These sessions are becoming very popular with a variety of workplaces and non-profit organizations and we are currently working on preparing additional resources for purchase.

We also have corporate clients who offer Personal Coach for a Day as a wellness perk for their staff. This is a great opportunity for you and your employees to individually work with one of our coaches for a Positive Altitude Breakthrough Session and address your personal negative emotions, limiting beliefs, and unproductive behaviors, in a private setting in any area of your life (ie career, personal growth, fitness & nutrition, family, relationships, spirituality etc.). For employees that have participated in a Positive Altitude Breakthrough Session, even if it was focused on an area that is not directly related to work, there has been a significant improvement in their performance and relationship with colleagues, as challenges and behaviors in other parts of our lives impact everything that we do.