Brock Endean

Change Facilitator

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My name is Brock Endean and I am a Change Facilitator who holds community in high regard in all aspects of my life.

My Story

Born and raised in a small town in British Columbia, I learned at a young age how much influence our community and those closest to us have in shaping our view of not only the world but also of ourselves. Fortunately, I chose to surround myself with supportive people, follow my interests and curiosities, and actively participate in my community.

After graduation I left my hometown to pursue further education but as soon as I decided that a career in accounting wasn’t for me, I packed up and joined a 6 month volunteer project that led me to Ontario and then later Peru. Upon returning to BC, I eventually landed a “great secure job” working at a major university. Though the students I worked with were fantastic and inspiring, the office life was not for me. I began reaching points of extreme overwhelm and stress, resulting in panic attacks and even seizures. This was a clear sign that my body was telling me to change something, or else it was going to do it for me. Leaving that job was one of the best decisions I ever made, and it led me to reflect on what I truly needed in my life to be happy and successful. Since then, my path has been filled with many different learnings and experiences and the base I always come back to is my commitment to community.

Now, through my work, I focus on developing deeper conversations about values, fulfillment, leadership responsibility, and strengthening connections to empower individuals and communities.

My Values & Beliefs


I thrive being part of a collective that creates space for others to feel safe and do their best. 


It is important for me to be able to incorporate my personality, ideas, experiences, and values into what I do & use my skills to produce new ideas.


It is my intention for my professional and volunteer work to have a positive impact and meaningful results.


Learning excites me and I am continually exploring ways to grow and incorporate other worldviews and teachings into my journey.

Connect With Me

My Approach

As a Change Facilitator trained in Coaching, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Clinical Hypnotherapy, and Creative Engagement, the process I use to help groups create impact integrates teachings from all these modalities and my 15+ years of experience in building community. I have witnessed how most organizations don’t invest in learning what is important to each member, which results in miscommunication, lack of trust, and poor change management. Therefore my work with groups centres on helping each member be able to identify and articulate their values, needs, and wants so that they can be reflected in the organization’s overall culture. 

I look forward to helping you and the members of your group create impactful change and become empowered members of your community.

“Brock, you deserve to be honoured. The support you have provided our organization cannot be sufficiently expressed in words. We are grateful for your continued work and helping our youth members believe in their future.”

Cheryl G.

“We weren’t fully convinced why focusing on values was so important, but then seeing how Brock works and communicates so aligned with his values we were sold! Now we each know our own values and those of our colleagues which has created more honest and clear direction with our team.”


“I wish we had sessions like this more often! Brock brings so much passion and respect to his workshop, fueling pride and confidence for everyone.”


How I Can Help

Mindset Shift

Are limiting beliefs, fear of change, or a dated company culture holding you and your team members back from achieving the potential you know is there? Using the clinically proven model of Mental & Emotional Release®, we guide teams through a release of negative emotions and limiting beliefs. With this clear state we then help facilitate the process of setting actionable goals and strategies to move forward.

Values Guidance

Values are our deepest level programming and are central to our motivation, behaviour, and relationships. Knowing our own values, as well as those we engage with, helps strengthen teams and increases harmony and productivity. Through our exercises we guide you to elicit your deepest values and help identify the values of your group or organization.

Coaching Culture

Building the capacity within your organization for peer-to-peer and manager-to-employee coaching is an effective (and efficient) way to accelerate your groups impact. We move managers and colleagues from a place of giving advice to asking powerful questions that help members embrace their strengths and find their own solutions.

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