Breakthrough Session

Break free from limitations & take control of your life!

Each Breakthrough Session is personally tailored to empower you with tools to let go of negative emotional baggage and limiting beliefs that have held you back. You will learn to effectively communicate with your unconscious mind to achieve new heights in your life.

A Breakthrough Session is a 6-8 hour process (which can be conducted in 2 half-day intensives) modeled on a variety of modalities including Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, energy work, and the clinically proven Mental & Emotional Release® model. 

The session is focused on one specific area of your life that is really holding you back or that you are not truly taking care of.  The reason we focus a session on one area of life is that by removing the emotions, beliefs, and behaviors in one key area, you will find that other parts of your life begin to become lighter and clearer as well. This does not mean that all your problems in all areas of your life will be gone, but following a Breakthrough Session you will be equipped with tools and strategies to help heighten those other areas.

What many clients appreciate about the session, is that as a client you do not need to provide great detail or depth on any previous experiences. This is very unlike a typical counselling session where as a client you are not only expected to share all the details of past events and experiences, but are also expected to relive those situations and analyse them. 


Do-With Process 

During the Breakthrough Session we facilitate each step as you dive deep into your unconscious mind and integrate your history, emotions, circumstances. Then we guide you to restructure the way you experience your thoughts, emotions, and energy so you can start taking action on a desired, achievable goal that will put you on an inevitable path to success.


What is Mental and Emotional Release® (MER) and why do we proudly use it?


MER® has become highly recognized as the most effective method for creating quick, lasting change for an individual.

It is a collection of techniques that allow you to gain control over your emotions and shed limiting beliefs. It’s not about getting rid of emotions all together, it’s about removing the charge from unwarranted and inappropriate emotional reactions, such as bursts of anger, sadness, fear, anxiety, and guilt, which may be a barrier to achieving the quality of life you desire. MER® also addresses limiting decisions, such as “I’m not worthy”, “I’m too old”, “I don’t deserve happiness”, “I’m not smart enough”, “I will always be poor”, “I don’t have enough time”. These beliefs create false limitations and experiences of reality which prevent you from manifesting attainable goals and outcomes. 

Results from Clients

The list below is a sample of the achievements our clients have experienced in their lives as a result of the empowerment they gained through a Breakthrough Session

Career change

Increased salary & sales

Healing existing/past relationships

Curing physical ailments

Weight reduction

Committed fitness routines

Passionate relationships

(Re)connecting with spirit

Starting  a business

Finding purpose

Starting a family

Returning to post-secondary

Overcoming stress and anxiety

Supercharged confidence

Releasing phobias

International travel

Increasing Self-Motivation

And so much more…

Six Main Areas of Life

Career Business

Friends & Family

Relationships Love

Personal Growth

Spirituality Religion

Fitness & Nutrition

Are you ready to breakthrough?

If you are wanting to gain a deeper connection with your unconscious mind and finally release the baggage that has been weighing you down on your journey to success then a Breakthrough Session is for you. Our coaches have each personally experienced and witnessed the incredible shifts as a result of a Breakthrough Session and we are excited to help you experience your’s!

Make it Happen.

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