“There comes a time in your life when you have to choose to turn the page, write another book or simply close it.”
-Shannon L Alder

Anger is a natural emotion that we feel sometimes in response to certain situations, especially when we or one of our loved ones are threatened or attacked.

The problem begins when anger gets out of control, when we get triggered for anything and everything, and we feel that such emotions have taken control over us.

Sometimes we hold this negative emotion for a long period of time that is shapes our personality and becomes our identity.

This emotion most likely is a symptom of something deeper, part of your heavy baggage that has been on your shoulders from past events in your life.

Physiologically, an emotion lasts only 90 seconds. What keeps emotions persisting are the stories we tell ourselves about them.

It’s us who keep reproducing that anger or sadness against that person, playing that movie in our heads of that bad ending that gives us anxiety, or blaming the others of our life, just because we want to be right!

That endless loop of thoughts that keeps the feeling alive in the body, can be reduced being in contact with Nature, experts say.

But the most important thing is: It only takes a moment to decide to let go. And YOU are the only one who get to make that decision whenever that moment comes, now.

Anger, along with other limiting emotions can be released easily and effortlessly through different techniques, such as the Mental and Emotional Release. If you struggle with anger, I can help guide you to more resourceful states, just send me a message and we can find a time to connect.

You can do it ??

Hasta Pronto!