Ricardo Rodriguez

Life Coach


I’m Ricardo Rodriguez a certified Life Coach, dedicated to helping clients like you lead an empowered life.

My Story

Like you, I reached points of overwhelm and stress in my personal and professional life that eventually lead to feeling stuck and unfulfilled.

I was born and raised in Mexico City, one of the largest cities in the world, and it was quite easy for me to fall into the trap of chasing other people’s dreams and not pursuing my authentic life. Though I recognize that my family, friends, and educators had good intentions for me, and that I was eager to please others, ended up receiving a degree and embarking on career as an Industrial Engineer, later specializing in logistics. In 1997, I came out to my family and friends and I convinced myself that moving to Canada would be the best way to start a new chapter in my life. This move did bring me closer to living my authentic life, but it was not the solution. Even though major parts of my life were full of excitement, curiosity, and support, I still lacked clarity in other areas, especially around my purpose and how I was to make an impact.

(Un)fortunately, in 2016 I began to experience chronic, severe, and demobilizing back pain, which I eventually came to realize was communication from my body that I was not maintaining a healthy harmony in my life. As I began to look closer, it was clear to me that being fulfilled in one aspect your life doesn’t make up for emptiness in another. That the belief of “striving for balance” is not what it is about, we as humans need to maintain a healthy harmony on a spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical level. I began to meet and study with an incredible array of inspiring people who incorporate different modalities and teachings into their lives by tapping into their purpose. I now know my purpose is to help others lead empowered lives and achieve new heights. I open my doors to others who are feeling stuck/confused/or just not themselves, and would like a friendly hand to support them in reaching new heights.

My Values & Beliefs


I’m thankful for my journey and for what I am ready to receive.


Nothing gives me more joy than being part of someone’s success and happiness.


I have the right of an independent will and being what my spirit dictates me.


Being myself is a daily practice of being true to my purpose and values.

Connect With Me

My Approach

I am currently certified as a Master Practitioner and Trainer in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and  Mental and Emotional Release ® , a Master Clinical Hypnotherapist,  a Quantum Touch Practitioner, and as a Life Coach. These designations, along with my personal experience as a student of varying modalities and teachings complement my work with clients. 

My primary focus is working with clients one on one to discover limiting beliefs and patterns that have prevented them from being, doing, and having what they want in life, Then, helping them release those limitations and chart a new path forward to an empowered life. 


“The change I experienced from the Breakthrough Session was very strong. I was able to let go of all the accumulated negative emotions of so many years and finally, after so long I felt free. It is amazing!


“I am now calm, nothing bothers me.  I would recommend New Heights Coaching to everyone who wants to get rid of worry, fear, lack-of-confidence, and other things that bother you.


“The Breakthrough Session helped me to focus on my passion and strengths and I was able to clearly define my future career goals and have since gone back to school in order to fulfill them.


How I Can Help

Breakthrough Session

A Breakthrough Session helps you to identify and release the programs that are no longer serving, giving you back the power to live an empowered life. A typical session is a 6-8 hour process which helps you release your baggage (ie. negative emotions, limiting beliefs, unproductive behaviors etc.) through the clinically proven process of Mental & Emotional Release. After releasing your baggage, we focus on bringing clarity to your goals and values.

Life Coaching

Our Life Coaching model integrates varying modalities to assist you in harnessing the power of your conscious and unconscious thoughts and behaviours to achieve peak performance and personal fulfillment. Through regular sessions and communication we provide tools and techniques to overcome obstacles and create the outcomes, results, and the life you desire.

Clinical Hypnotherapy

During a hypnosis session you will develop strategies, tools, and techniques that can be adapted and used long after your session has ended. By learning to better communicate with the unconscious mind through affirmative imagery and suggestions during hypnosis, you will have more influence to prompt constructive beliefs, attitudes, and actions in support of what is desired.

Make it Happen.

Start Reaching New Heights!