Workshops & Retreats

Learning & Growing Together

Our workshops are designed to help you live an empowered life. From topic specific trainings, group coaching programs, and wellness centered retreats, we are committed to ensuring your success and growth.

Programa FOCUS

¿Se te dificulta establecer tus metas y pierdes el enfoque con frecuencia? ¿Quieres diseñar un plan con claridad? ¡Entonces este programa es para ti! En grupo, nos reunimos semanalmente por 6 sesiones para que puedas trabajar en tus metas y obstáculos que te impiden lograr lo que quieres alcanzar, encontrando la conexión con tu mente y tu energía.


Group Coaching Program

Have you struggled with setting goals in the past?  Do you want to design a life that puts your health and wellness at the centre? Then this program is going to be for you! As a group, we meet weekly for 6 sessions to work through our goals and limiting beliefs that prevent us from achieving them.



Empowerment Retreats

The incredible thing about retreats is that they bring together a diverse group of people, each of whom are are ready to create change in their lives. 

Throughout the year we offer events that can bring healing and empowerment to individuals in various stages of their journey. The focus and length of each retreat is unique, from health & wellness, to LGBTQ+ self-acceptance, and healthy relationships, we facilitate experiences that create a safe and nurturing environment for participants to reach new heights.

Check back soon to see what opportunities will be offered for 2021.


Due to COVID-19 we have postponed all our in-person retreats in Canada and Mexico.   

Dates for future workshops and retreats will be announced once travel and gathering restrictions are eased and it is safe to proceed with an event.

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